Annonce pour 9 bourses de stage en France

Date limite de candidature: 22/7/2015 | Annonce et candidatures

La fondation Bodossakis, en coopération avec l'ambassade de France en Grèce, annonce 9 bourses de stages pour une durée de 4 à 6 mois.

Les stages commenceront à partir de septembre 2015.

Liste et description des offres:

1.Internship for the development of French-Greek relations in the field of aerospace, Aerospace Valley (in cooperation with the Si Cluster)
2. Internship for the development of French-Greek relations in the field of digital creative industries, Cap Digital (in cooperation with the Gi Cluster)
3. Internship for web programming for the development of an eLearning platform for knowledge transmission, MINES ParisTech
4. Internship for stochastic modeling of gestural time series MINES ParisTech, MINES Paris Tech
5. Internship for the implementation of digital brand webmarketing strategies based on International Marketing standards, Pierre Fabre
6. Internship for running a data science project with analytics open tools and algorithms from the machine learning world, AXA Global P&C
7. Internship for the implementation and evaluation of different solutions for a large range of parameters in the framework of Maestro’s research cooperation with Akamai Technologies, Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée
8. Internship for the design and optimisation of wireless backhaul networks using fixed point-to-point wireless communications, Inria Sophia Antipolis- Méditerranée
9. Internship for the optimisation of Airport slots assignment and k-Maximum matching problem, Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée